Fred Austruy

From the football field to DJ podiums, this second generation of French dirt jumpers has big plans for France’s mountain bike scene.


  • Hometown: Millau France
  • Career Highlights: I am part of the second generation of Dirt riders in France; I have experienced and followed the evolution of our sport since it was born and standing on podiums has been really great! Then come injuries, doubts, hard word to come back; and when you do come back and finally show that you are not finished, that you ride even better: that is great too! Indeed, I will show that I can still ride, and go on publishing, shooting beautiful videos and standing on other French podiums!
  • First Bike: My very first bike was a mountain bike bought in a supermarket; I remember it was yellow and gray, but did not last for a long time as I was already jumping in all directions! It cost 1,100 French Francs at the time, sounded expensive, and I thought it was good quality. But no… AH.
  • Most Memorable Moment (mtb-related): There have been so many beautiful and great moments since I started biking!! I would say all these times where I was in incredible places, natural spots, where I rode my bike but also put it down to observe the nature and the sunset, and thought to myself: “That is all about life”, but also “How lucky I am to earn a living while doing what I love”!
  • Favorite Place to Ride: Queenstown for its famous Gorge Road trail, but I also really like my region – the Aveyron – for its beauty and diversity in terms of riding. You can have fun with any kind of bikes, and in places still preserved.
  • Favorite Type of Terrain: Impossible to chose as I please myself as much in Dirt, Enduro as in DH! I will even have a normal road bike soon as long as the thing has wheels ;-). I think I am really crazy with biking, and have fun whatever bike I ride!
  • What I like about KORE: I think this brand is very refined and simple, but very elegant. This is my first year riding for Kore, and I think the products are up-to-date, reliable, with many colors. Moreover, the collection is very exhaustive with lots of choice for all types of practices.
  • If I weren’t an athlete, I’d be: …An athlete. Let’s say I was about to start a footballer career when I stopped everything to start biking. I think my destiny was in the sports field… Otherwise, I would not have minded being a sports teacher or a physiotherapist.
  • Where I see myself in 10 years: In 2016 I will follow an excavator operator training session as I wish to have this qualification to be able to create bikes parks, pump tracks for towns, or tracks for various events. Moreover, I wish to develop my show company “Acrobike 100% Freestyle”, organize a French tour and develop shows abroad! Then I have an event project plus another animation project in the biking field, but just wait and see ;-). And why not get a vocational degree in sports professions, to be able to coach? So in 10 years, why not put together a team of young and crazy people to help me in the shows I manage, then create tracks, start a biking school; train and coach young people, be a tourist guide… I would love that! But in the meantime, I will ride AGAIN and AGAIN!

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