Julia Hofmann

Julia lives the Euro Dream: traveling around to bike adventures and enduro races in a decked out sprinter van.  Follow her journey here.


  • Hometown: Lichtenfels, Germany
  • Career Highlights: Coaching People, creating movies and stories all around the world to make people stoked riding their bikes.
  • First Bike: a DH Bike and I did long exhausting pedaling loops with this heavy bike during the week, and [on the] weekend[s] I did Bikepark laps…
  • Most Memorable Moment: My first ever race I did, It was a DH race half year after I started Mountain Bike riding. It was wet, muddy and lots of roots… It was so much fun shredding trough the dirt… and at the end I finished 2nd…
  • Favorite Place to Ride: The North Shore trails in Vancouver are one of my favorite trails in summertime… in the winter time I prefer the technical trails on La Palma
  • Favorite Type of Terrain: technical riding with steep downhills and crazy lines… nice berms mixed with fantastic shaped jumps…
  • What I like about KORE: The bars are lightweight and strong. I ride the Carbon MEGA Bars at my full carbon Bike with a fantastic stiffness and the perfect fitting sweep for my riding style.
  • If I weren’t an athlete, I’d be: I would own a small café with a nice workshop to restore old motorcycles and old cars…everyone is welcome and I build them a special vehicle, they never have seen before
  • Where I see myself in 10 years:  At my café place where I build old vehicles to a piece of jewelry

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