Simon Silver

When you grow up in Santa Cruz, you know you gotta throw down…  Simon Silver has his sights set on Crankworx France & Whistler ahead.


  • Hometown: Santa Cruz, California
  • Career Highlights: Creating awesome media, shared across the web to get people stoked on riding mountain bikes!
  • First Bike: 20″ Huffy with four pegs and a gyro.
  • Most Memorable Moment (mtb-related): Most memorable bike related moment happened quite recently for me while in Bali. One morning I woke up at 3am to arrive at the location we were shooting at around sunrise. I’ll never forget watching the sunrise over Batur Lake and Volcano, Such an amazing experience.
  • Favorite Place to Ride: Favorite place to ride undoubtedly has to be Coast Gravity Park in BC. The coastal crew boys build un-paralleled trails.
  • Favorite Type of Terrain: I love singletrack with lots ‘o berms, or bike park jump trails.
  • What I like about KORE: Kore is such an iconic and classic brand in the industry, it’s an honor to be spinin’ on Kore wheels!
  • If I weren’t an athlete, I’d be: Photographer
  • Where I see myself in 10 years: Owning a bike related business, and riding bikes just as often as I am now!

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