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While we like to think of ourselves as omnipotent and all-knowing, we’re human.  We try to answer all your questions individually; however, we have enlisted the help of your local KORE dealer to handle your inquiries. Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions, to help anticipate inquiring minds. If you don’t see your query below, drop us a line to have it included.

Product Purchasing

Our product pages now feature a “Where to Buy” option that will help identify KORE retailers in your area.

Our hubs are easily convertible from 135/QR, 135/10 or 142/12.  This also means that they work with any of these options buy simply changing the axle.

For a quick release adaptor, or any other small parts, please contact your local KORE dealer or distributor for assistance.  They will be able to order the part in for you.  Similarly, you might also be able to try any other quick release adaptors they may have in-stock.

Check out KORE’s distributor’s website in your area.  Chances are they are able to ship to any bike shop within their territory.  For example, any bike shop in the US can order KORE from either distributor: BTI, KHS, or J&B Bike.

Product Warranty

Please note that warranties are for manufacturer defect only.  Sorry to burst bubbles here, but broken items caused by a crash or accident, etc., are normal wear & tear and not considered a warranty, as unfortunate as the accident may be.  Keep it rubberside-down!

For manufacturer defects / warranties, please contact the shop where the item was originally purchased, along with your proof of purchase, and the shop will begin the warranty process through their distributor and KORE.

Bummer.  Chances are they may be extra inventory floating around the global marketplace.  To help us locate it for you, please contact your local KORE dealer or distributor with the product information.

Company (Kore)

We’re open to feedback. Submit comments and suggestions on our Facebook page or through your local bike shop.

If you or your agent think you are worthy, send us your resume that includes a biography and picture of yourself, your last 3 years race / event results, and a brief letter telling why you want to ride for KORE. Don’t hold back. We like to be entertained!

Riders must be willing to abide by the “KORE Rules of Konduct” which will be supplied for you to sign as we get further into the process.

Good Luck!

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