KORE products are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

Those limits are: Applies to the original owner only – proof of purchase is required. Wear and tear not included – if you like the product and wear it out, support the biz and buy another. Damage or failure due to an accident, attempted suicide no-hander, or hucking-to-flat is not covered under warranty.  But if we like your story and action shots, we might replace the part, anyway. It’s up to us, though.


To be installed, adjusted and maintained by a skilled bicycle mechanic with the correct tools. If you doubt your ability to do this yourself, take it to your local bike shop and let them do it. They’ll appreciate the business and you’ll have peace of mind. Do not attempt to modify this product as modification may result in product failure. Product failure could cause severe personal injury or even death. It also voids the warranty. So please, don’t do it.

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